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The process to consult with a coach is simple.  Complete the contact form under the "contact us" tab. We will respond and as soon as possible. 

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How do I get a coach?

Scholastic Achievers offers academic readiness programs, homework coaching and tutoring in all subject areas, from preschool through second grade.

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How does Scholastic Achievers work?

We offer academic readiness programs, homework coaching, tutoring for various subjects, and other educational initiatives and challenges.

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What can I get help with?
What's the minimum time to work with a coach/tutor?

Each individual and group session is designed to last an hour.  Scholars and their guardians may request additional time as needed. 


Readiness programs are designed to maximize learning and hours vary based on the program selected.

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Yes. Scholastic Achievers believes that learning is a process.  Students will master each concept before moving to the next.  Our coaches will review past lessons and techniques to help students develop a firm educational foundation. Learning is a building block!

How can I measure my scholars progress? 

The coach-learner relationship is an important factor of scholars' success.  Students will remain with their coaches throughout the duration of the academic term.  At the conclusion of the term, changes may need to be made to best suit the achievement needs of each learner.

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Can I work with the same coach again?
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